2018 Key Topics Include:

ADAS & Autonomy, AI & Deep Machine Learning, Mobility as a Service, Connectivity, Electrification & Infrastructure, Cyber Security

  • Track 1: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Track 2: Infotainment and HMI / Advanced xEV
  • Track 3: Autonomous Vehicle Testing & Development

Track 1: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

All self-driving cars will employ some combination of sensors, cameras, radar, high-performance GPS, LIDAR, AI, and machine learning to achieve their respective levels of autonomy. Connectivity to secure and scalable IoT, data management, and cloud solutions are also important to the mix, providing a resilient and high-performance foundation on which to collect, manage, and analyze voluminous sensor data.

Keywords: On-board computers Sensing Machine learning Mapping system V2X communication OTA software updates Cyber-security

Track 2: Infotainment and HMI / Advanced xEV

In-vehicle infotainment is a collection of hardware and software in automobiles that provides audio or video entertainment. IVI originated with car audio systems that consisted of radios and cassette or CD players, and now includes automotive navigation systems, video players, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Carputers, in-car internet, and WiFi. Once controlled by simple dashboards knobs and dials, ICE systems can include steering wheel audio controls and hands-free voice control.

Keywords: Multimodal interface Human-machine interface User interface User experience Sensors Gesture recognition Speech recognition Multitasking Mobile convergence OTA Cyber-security Open source In-vehicle Networking Headrest display

Track 3: Autonomous Vehicle Testing & Development

In 2030, it’s been clear that fully autonomous self-driving vehicles are set to become a reality. Yet 20 years later, the final stages of testing, validation and failsafing pose a huge challenge to the automotive industry. The rigorousness and thoroughness of the testing processes need to be at a higher level than anything that has gone before, if the final reality is to be achieved with complete safety and integrity guaranteed.

Keywords: Simulation & Embedded Software Testing Reliability Testing of SW/HW Systems Fail-safe Testing Validation and Verification Diagnostics ECU Calibrations Data Acquisition Signal Analysis
  • Each track provides 6 or 7 sessions. The session order could be changed by the request of speakers.
  • Expected attendees per track: 150 peoples